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Smokey eyes- Step by Step Tutorial

Hi Friends,

I have been meaning to do a tutorial for a long time now but I was a bit apprehensive. After a lot of thinking I finally decided to let go my inhibitions. I am doing my first tutorial today and I am doing it for the smokey eyes look that I posted last week. The look I did was the simplest and easiest version of smokey eyes one could do. You can see it here.

The only problem with smokey makeup look is that it is kind of important to use makeup brushes because it involves a lot of blending. There are some looks that can be created without the use of brushes but working with dark colours requires right tools. Good news is that you don’t need to own loads of brushes for this one, you can create this look using just two brushes- the basic flat eye shadow brush and a crease/blending brush. Of course it won’t hurt if you have some more brushes like angular brush, detail brush etc in your kit.

So let’s get started

Step 1

Prep and prime. Use a primer on your eyes. Primer will help bring out the colours beautifully and will also avoid creasing. I like using a bit of concealer too, it creates a good base and it also makes colours pop .


Step 2

Apply a tape/post-it at the corners of the eyes. It will help you to stay in the boundaries. Apply the shade of brown on your crease. This will work as a transition colour between highlighted brow bone and dark eyelids.


Step 3

Apply black eye shadow/kohl on the lid. I have used a very dark grey glitter eye shadow but you can use any black eye shadow or well pigmented kohl pencil. Do not go all the way to the inner and outer corners yet as we will cover that while blending.


Step 4

Blend the brown and the black shadow well.


Step 5

The colour I used on lid is dark gray so I used a jet black eye shadow for the corners to get more dramatic look. Apply it in a little triangular shape with an eye shadow brush and blend it all in. Blend the corners working in outside to inside strokes.




Step 6

Use a black kohl pencil to tight line the upper waterline.Fill in any gaps on the lid edge with a black kohl pencil.


Step 7

Apply a liquid liner to extend the corners into your desired shape. I did not use the liner all the way. I used it only to create a tiny wing at the corners to give more defined/sharp look.


Step 8

Using an angular brush apply some black eye shadow to the lower lid and smudge it a little. You can also use a simple kohl pencil to do this.



Step 9

Smokey eyes look best with loaded eyelashes, so apply a good amount of mascara or even falsies if you wish. Do not forget to apply mascara to your lower lids. Remove the tape and soften the harsh lines to finish the look. Smokey eyes often result in a lot of fallout, as you can see in some of the pics . Wet wipe works best to clear the under eye area. Clean it up and you are ready to rock those bold and beautiful eyes.



Products in order of use

  • Makeup revolution face primer
  • Sephora Eyeshadow in shade coffee brown- for crease
  • Essence cosmetics metal glam eye shadow in shade sparkle all night- on lids
  • Sleek makeup sunset palette in shade black- for outer corners
  • Maybelline colossol kajal or covering the gaps.
  • Makeup revolution iconic 3 palette for highlighting brow bone
  • Makeup forever matte liquid liner- for the little wing
  • M.A.C pro lash mascara
  • E.L.F cosmetics brow palette

I know you guys must have seen better tutorials but it’s my first so forgive my mistakes and give me any suggestions you might have to make things better in future. Let me know your views and suggestions in the comment box below. That’s all for now.