About Me

Friends, My name is Shilpi and I am from Delhi. This blog is the result of my love for makeup and shopping. I feel that having a blog is an excellent way of reaching out to people all over the world. Specially when you are living far away from home and there are not many people around to share you hobbies and shopping experiences with. I am looking out to make new friends through my blog 🙂

I am currently living in Malaysia with my husband. Since we live in a small city there aren’t many people to share my time with and and there is absolutely no place to pursue any hobbies. This lack of ‘things to do’ gave rise to new indoor hobbies- makeup, cooking and a bit of reading.

The blog name comes from my love for shimmers. I love everything that shines. I love bling in my clothes, shoes and makeup. 

Some of the ‘Looks’ post will be named in the F.R.I.E.N.D.S episodes’ name style. I am a huge huge friends fan and can watch it unlimited number of times. I think it would be a symbol of my fandom and love for the series. I plan to do tutorials in the future but I think there is still time to reach that level where I am competent enough to impart my wisdom to others 😉

I hope it is going to be a joyful ride.






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