NYX COSMETICS Product reviews + Announcement

Hi All,

I am doing a review of some awesome products today but before that, I would like to make a small announcement. I am going to start vlogging 🙂 and will be posting my first video tutorial soon. Blogging was an easy decision but vlogging is a big step for me. I am a planning to keep it simple in the beginning as there is a lot to learn. Filming, editing, uploading, it is all a little tricky. I have my fingers crossed, let’s see how it turns out. 🙂

NYX Cosmetics Product Review

I recently bought a few NYX cosmetic products and I am very very impressed. A lipstick, A gloss, a brow palette, a kohl liner and no disappointments anywhere.


NYX Matte lipstick in shade Sierra

Available@ Nykaa.com or amazon.in

Price:INR 750+/MYR 27

Score: 3.5/5

This lipstick is great but is on a lighter side. I mean it is not so rich but it is exactly what I was looking for. I was looking for an everyday light wear matte lipstick and I am pretty happy with this one. You know how some of those matte lipstick kind of feel dry and make your lips look shrinked ? This isn’t one of them. I have been wearing it almost everyday since I bought it. . Pigmentation is great but needs reapplication with an hour or so. It is available in some 13 shades but I am a little doubtful of the availability.

Buying it again? May be but want to try some more brands in matte genre.



NYX Soft Matte lip cream in shade Amsterdam

Avaialble @ nykaa.com or amazon.in

Price: RS 750+/MYR 30 

Score: 4.5/5

Wow is the word. The name is apt, it is like applying some airy cream on your lips. It is so good that the moment I tried it I wanted another one and I did go back to sephora to look for some more colors but they were out of stock of many of them.

The gloss/cream is so light and easy on the lips that for a moment you don’t realize that you are wearing it. I won’t say that it is moisturizing (it is matte after all) but there is no stickiness or heaviness on the lips. The pigmentation is beautiful but I wish it stayed on a little longer. The only I thing I do not like is the fruity fragrance but that goes away in a matter of seconds. I think that’s kind of a personal choice, some people might actually  like the fragrance. The brush/sponge is comfortable and is efficient in giving shape to the lips. Available in around 13 shades but again availability is an issue. It is a little pricey in India but I think it is worth a try so grab one if you ever see it available.

Buying it again? Definitely




NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder in shade Dark brown/brown

Available@ a website called ibhejo.com and may be amazon.in

Price: INR 999+ /MYR 26

Score: 3/5

It is a tiny little palette consisting of two shades of brown and one clear gel coat. The colours are powder based and are pretty nice. Some people like their eyebrows very well defined some just like to fill in the gaps. I am the latter kind, I like to only fill gaps and extend the edges a little bit. The powder is smooth and is easily spread/blended. The gel gives a great finishing look and gives a perfect shine to the brows. I love all of it minus the brushes. The brushes are pretty much useless for two reasons, one they are too small and two they are very very harsh and inefficient.

Buying it again? It is good but does not really stand out plus it is too expensive in India.



NYX cosmetics Kohl kajal

Price: INR 500+ /MYR 22

Score: 4/5

Till date I have tried many brands of kohl pencils, Maybelline, Lakme, M.A.C, Lancome, bobbi brown and what not but none of them have proven smudge free for me. I think there is something about my eyes, may be they are too watery or oily? I don’t know but my kohl never stays (on lower water line). It always smudges no matter what I do and this one is no different. So I am not going to judge this one based on the results on my lower waterline.

It is as smooth as butter and glides on perfectly. The color is very rich black but you have to build it up a little. The pencil is very easy to sharpen and shape and is equally easy to use. So in short it is a great kajal pencil but it is not smudge proof and I found it perfect for eye lining and tight lining.

Buying it again? May be. There are many more brands I still want to try 🙂



I haven’t done swatches this time because you will see me wearing all these products soon in my upcoming posts.

The availability of all these products in India is a little bit difficult since NYX sells only on a few websites like junglee.com, nykaa.com or amazon.in and therefore is most of the time out of stock. May be you can find it at Sephora but I am not sure.

I hope you all liked the review. Please let me know if you think I missed some information that should have been provided.

Have a happy day



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