EOTD- Triple shaded eyes.

Hi All,

I am doing another step by step today. It is a very simple and colorful look that can be worn easily with any everyday outfit. It is easy to do as it does not involve any blending or detailing. This one is a very common look and I have seen so many bloggers doing it.  I have used Orange, Yellow and Pink combination but you can obviously experiment with any colors you like.


SO let’s get started :).

Step 1

Prep and Prime. Apply primer on your eyes.


Step 2

Apply concealer and spread it out nicely. I specially like using concealer when I am not applying eye shadow all over my lids because my eye lids are a bit on a darker side and using a concealer evens out the skin color.


Step 3

Apply shade  orange in the inner corners of your eyes covering 1/3 of your lids.


Step 4

Apply yellow in the middle covering another 1/3.


Step 5

Apply pink  shadow on the rest of the lid.


Apply just a hint of same eyes shadows on the lower lid as well. Also, make sure that you are not applying your eye shadow too thin because you will use black eyeliner and it is going to cover some of the eye shadows, so keep it thick enough.

Step 6

Apply liquid eyeliner and fill in the upper water line. You can go for any look you like. I have gone for a simple line and have used a kajal pencil for filling in the upper water line.


Step 7

Mascara. Apply a good amount of mascara on upper and lower lashes.


Step 8

Clean up. Using a q-tip clean up the fall outs or any other misfires.




Products in order of Use

  • Makeup revolution primer
  • Maybelline liquid concealer in shade light
  • Sleek makeup V1 palette
  • Maybelline hyper glossy eyeliner in black
  • Essence cosmetics kohl pencil
  • M.A.C pro lash mascara

I hope you all like it.




3 thoughts on “EOTD- Triple shaded eyes.

  1. I loved this step by step. you made it appear so easy! if one has the right products, the collage was self explanatory. And it was fun to watch your pupils dilate and contract in the pics. keep it rolling!


  2. It really is a very pretty look!
    But perhaps using smaller pictures for the Step-By-Step look would be a little less jarring to the eyes?

    Please check out my blog and offer constructive feedback too. 🙂


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