6 amazing Eyeliners- quick reviews + swatches

Hi All,

As I said in my last post I did some eyeliner shopping a few days ago and I wanted to share it with y’all.


Instead of going only after the known brands you should sometimes give a chance to lesser know brands and you can get pleasantly surprised . What I do is, I check the ‘made-in’ of the product and I find it good enough to try if it is made somewhere in Europe or Americas. Silky girl is Malaysian but after living for so long in Malaysia I can trust Malaysian brands since in Malaysia they try to maintain quality in all consumer products .

I bought 6 eyeliners, two of them are liquid liners from Maybelline, one is from IN2IT- a German brand and three are from a Malaysian brand called SilkyGirl -cheesy name ;). Normally I am always inclined to buy internationally well known brands but these 2 brands are all over Malaysia and they seem to be popular enough.

Maybelline Hyper glossy liquid eyeliner in Gold Lation and Electro shock

Price: RM19, INR 275

I have done a review of Maybelline liquid liner in black before and these are equally awesome. The only difference is that the colors are a lot more pretty and vibrant. The colors are so pigmented and gorgeous that I have been using them at any available opportunity. You can check my previous post for more info on the consistency and quality over here.




Silky girl Pencil liners in shade ELECTRIC Blue, EVER green and FROSTY silver

Price: RM 15.90 each

Silky girl is well know in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and some other south-east asian countries. It is available in almost all drug stores and makeup outlets in Malaysia. These three liners are super creamy and highly pigmented and it seems like they can easily be used as eye shadows too. They are so easy to apply that they just glide on the skin. They are more on shimmery side but not too much. My favorite is the frosty silver, I had been looking for a good silver liner for a long time and I am happy I found this one. The electric blue can be better described as teal and green is somewhat leafy green color.




IN2IT black eye liner pen in very black- Bevel tip

Price: RM 19.90

This one felt really weird at first because it is almost like you are using a marker pen on your eyes but you can’t blame them, they have actually named it PEN and have made it to look like one. I got this for it’s amazing precision, it is absolutely perfect for drawing wing on your eyes. I am quite happy with the pigmentation and the consistency too. If you are a fan of winged liner look but struggle to draw it, I encourage you all try this kind of bevel-tip eyeliner in any brand you can find it in. It will make your life much easier.







Trying these lesser known brands has encouraged me to explore more brands. Do you guys know any lesser known but nice brand? Would love to know your views and thoughts.




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