E.L.F cosmetics iherb.com haul and quick reviews

Hi Everyone,

Finally finally, my laptop is back from the service center and it is working perfectly now.

So I am back with a review post. This is a big but quick review post on the products I got from a US website. I came across iherb.com while looking for makeup brushes. They sell variety of stuff and cosmetics is one of their categories. Many beauty bloggers around the world have ordered from this website and I thought of giving it a try too. First because it sells at original price and second the shipping is very reasonable. They do not have many interesting brands but a few of them caught my attention. They have  Real techniques, E.L.F cosmetics, Eco tools, physicians formula and a few more. I ordered a few e.l.f products plus a real technique brush set. I am reviewing e.l.f cosmetic products today.


If you buy or window shop cosmetics on internet, you must be aware that e.l.f is quite cheap but sells at up to seven times the original price in India. Unbelievable right? E.l.f is not considered a high end brand in USA and is also very cheap but because of it’s prohibitive imported price many find it unaffordable in India.

E.L.F cosmetics Geometric 18 piece eye shadow palette

Price $2 (discounted, original $5)

I like this palette mostly because of the colour variety it offers in one single palette. Palette is divided in 3 section and each section has it’s own colour code. Golden browns, Blues and Blacks. The pigmentation is not the best I have seen but is good. The texture is a bit powdery and falls out a little bit but it works just fine with a coat of primer applied. It is a good mix of mattes and shimmers and the palette has some really pretty pearl, cream and white shades which work excellently for highlighting brow bone.




E.L.F cosmetics flawless finish foundation in shade buff

Price $3

Honestly at first I disliked this product. First because it has a weird smell and second because it makes my skin dry but I think it is kind of my mistake too. I did not notice that it is suitable for oily skin, so naturally it is going to dry out my skin because my skin is normal to dry but when I mixed  my other foundation with this (in around 70:30 ratio respectively). The texture is like any other good liquid foundation and gives a good coverage. There was also the colour mix up, I think I ordered wrong shade by mistake and got the shade which is 2 shades darker than my skin stone. I am planning to use it for contouring. Over all the product is okayish and I do not think I am going to order it again.




The difference in skin tone is visible here

E.L.F Cosmetics Makeup Mist and set, Clear

Price $3

This again is a good product for it’s price tag. It is not the best mist around but it does the job just fine. It does not feel heavy like some of the other mists I have tried in the same price range. It holds makeup well and does not give any kind of unwanted shine or sweaty look.  It feels a tad bit sticky for the first few minutes but the stickiness goes away once it sets in.


E.L.F Cosmetics Eye Brow Collection 6 piece kit

Price $3

This is my favorite item from the haul. The brow kit has 3 elements, an excellent brush, a two piece eyebrow palette and 4 stencils. The palette is in two shades and forms, light brown powder and dark brown cream/gel and it is really good. The powder fills in the gaps in brows well, the colour is a little light for my brow colour but that’s okay because it is compensated by the gel which is a perfect match for my brows. The gel is of right pigmentation and consistency, it gives a shiney finish to the brows. The brush that came with it is surprisingly good. It not only works well for filling in but is also good enough for outlining/shaping. The kit contained 4 stencils- semi arched, full arched, stretched and full. While they do not work exactly in a way you would want them to, they still are pretty helpful for beginners. If used correctly they give fine shape to the brows and helps you stay in the lines while filling in the gaps 🙂 I recommend this completely.




E.L.F Cosmetics High Definition powder, Sheer

Price $6

This is my second favorite product. It is really great and holds the make up well. I tried it to set my under eye makeup and was happy with the results. It was almost invisible and gave a smooth finishing.  In the picture below it looks like a talcum powder but it is nothing like it. The powder is very light and transparent and sets the makeup without altering anything. The packaging is really pretty. The box looks posh and comes with a very soft powder puff.




E.L.F cosmetics Ultimate Eyelashes, 3 pairs with glue

Price $3

This was my first false eye lash purchase so I cannot comment too much on it but I found them alright. I tested them and realized that eyelashes are good but the glue that comes with it is horrible. The glue looked, felt and smelled bad. I threw it directly in the dustbin and got another good quality glue from Malaysia and have been using it. Eyelashes are really light and look natural but they do give a bit of plastic look when photographed eyes closed. I won’t mind ordering another set but obviously without the glue.


Overall I am happy with my purchase and would like to try some more products from iherb. The shipping I used was Airmail, it is the cheapest ($4) option available but it took a whole month for the products to arrive and it had no tracking id so I would prefer another shipping method next time just for the peace of mind.


What do you guys think about my choice of products? Let me know if you would like to know more about any of these products individually or if you need info on how iherb.com works.

Have a great day!


Disclaimer: I am not being paid by E.L.f cosmetics or iherb.com for this post. Although, if you buy anything using my code and link, I will get a bit of discount (6%-10% I think) on my next purchase at iherb. It is just a referral code and it will get you a discount of $5-$10 on your first order.




3 thoughts on “E.L.F cosmetics iherb.com haul and quick reviews

  1. Could u make a post About the shipping charge and the detailed process to order from iherb. I stay in mumbai, India. Keen to know about it. Thanks.


  2. I heard a good lot about elf and iherb.com but shipping to Europe may be major seeing as its an American site. So I just stick with local online sellers. Will check them out tho and see what the shipping rates are exactly. Your haul is to die for tho especially the brow kit. I have had so many failures with my brows that I gave up after a while.


    • Thanks a lot Phoenix and yes brow kit is a steal. I think you must give it a try but i would suggest to go for tracked shipping. You can team up with one of your friends and order together to split the shipping cost.


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