Skin Care tips For the Bride to be

To my great surprise and immense pleasure, I recently got a blog post request from a very dear friend. She is all set to get married in a month and has asked me to provide her with some pre-bridal skin care tips. I do not consider myself to be a beauty expert (as of now) but I have decided to do my best. It is not strictly a pre-bridal routine and anyone can follow it.


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Wedding is undoubtedly the most important event of ones life but it is also one of the busiest time of the bride’s life. She gets busy with shopping, preparations, relatives and what not. Thousands of emotions churn her stomach harder with each passing day. In this conundrum of conflicting emotions, skin care takes a back seat sometimes and then it is only a week or 10 days before the wedding when she realizes that she completely forgot to take care of herself for the most important day of her life.

Taking care of your skin is as important as taking care of your teeth, eyes etc. Skin care is not just a matter of beauty, it is a matter of overall health. I have an inclination towards natural products and therefore there is a lot of talking about home made skin care in this post :P. These are some basic skin care tips that I have learned from my mother and a few things that I have learned through my own experiences. I personally do not believe in facials and some of the other beauty salon treatments and therefore generally run to my kitchen for facial skin care. I am not saying I do not visit beauty salons at all but I try my best to keep it natural.

The Basics

1. Water

Did I just mention the most obvious thing again? Yes, I did because it really is very important. I always suggest people to drink lots and lots of water for healthy skin and body.  The best way to do this is to keep a bottle near you at all times. Well hydrated skin will look effortlessly beautiful. No amount of facials or pre-bridal visits can help you if your skin is thirsty from inside. So please make space for a water bottle in your hand bag. Your target should be to refill it at least twice or thrice during the day.


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Find any good brand moisturizer that suits your skin type and keep your skin moisturized at all times. Warm/hot showers in this freezing weather feel awesome but they make our skin really dry and therefore it becomes even more important to keep it moisturized. Apply your favorite moisturizer on your face and any suitable body lotion generously all over your body right after the shower (more than once if required).


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You do not want to get tanned before your wedding, so rain or shine do not step out without a sunscreen. If you are already tanned and want to get rid of it I suggest you to go for anti tan treatment. These treatments won’t work in 100% efficiency but will surely help to reduce the tanning effect to some extent.


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Use a loofah or a scrubbing brush every now and then to exfoliate. It will help you to get rid of the dead skin cells and should also counter ingrown hair problem. I do not like using chemical products for my facial skin so I make my own scrubs and they work really well for me. If you cannot find time to make them at home and must go for ready to use product I suggest you to go for a soap free natural brand that claims to be 100%natural.


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Here is one of the simplest exfoliation mix you can make very easily. Mix 2 or three of the mentioned ingredients:

  1. Wheat bran or semolina
  2. Milk or curd, whichever suits your skin. Milk generally doesn’t work for oily skins and curd could also leave you with breakouts. So do a patch test on your neck before applying it on the face. If none of this works just go with glycerin or honey.
  3. Rose water

For my normal to dry skin I use 1 tablespoons wheat bran or semolina + a teaspoon of rose water+few drops of milk+few drops of honey and it’s the easiest it can get.

I have already discussed an excellent home mode lip exfoliator here.

5.Face pack

If possible, apply a face pack every week. Face pack will help rejuvenate your skin. You can opt for any branded ready to use face pack suited to your skin type. You can also opt for a homemade face pack . The most basic type could be made using gram flour/sandalwood powder/fuller’s earth, whichever suits your skin, with a pinch of turmeric, honey and rosewater . Fuller’s earth (multani mitti) is also a very good skin tightening agent but can make your skin a little dry.

Cucumber or tomato juice (grate and extract) are excellent for skin smoothening and softening .


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6.Night routine

It takes 5 minutes! Yes, only 5 minutes to clean your face, hands and feet. Please do not go to bed without getting rid of all the dirt that you have accumulated throughout the day. I don’t like using soap on my face but sometimes it become necessary. If you must use a soap/facewash daily, I suggest you to go for the mildest one you can find for your facial skin. Apply the very famous mix of rose water, glycerin and lemon (avoid lemon if your skin is too dry) on your face and go to sleep. If you are one of those who feel uneasy with something sticky on your face then wait for 15-20 minutes after applying, rinse it off and then go to sleep :). If this does not sound good to you then at least apply your regular moisturizer before sleeping.


We tend to forget our hair in the quest to make only our face look beautiful. Here are some tips to get started on your hair care:

  1. Oil them. I do not believe in the theory that oil makes your hair longer or stronger or shinier, at least no commercial oil does that. Applying oil before shampoo protects your hair from the harsh effects of shampoo. Shampoo tends to remove natural oils that our hair glands produce and for this reason our hair feels really dry after shampoo and this gives rise to the need to use conditioner.
  2. Try this when you shampoo your hair next time- Dilute half the amount of shampoo you normally use in half a cup of water and use this very watery solution to wash your hair. Adjust quantities if your hair is thicker or longer. This way you are avoiding a heavy dose of shampoo because adding water is in a way making it milder. You will be surprised that you used half the regular amount and still got same result.
  3. I also like this hair pack that I have been using recently. Take juice of one medium sized onion (grate it and extract the juice) and a table spoon of honey. Mix them well and apply on washed and wet hair like a pack (not oil). Leave it for 20-30 minutes and rinse. It adds shine and will also tackle dandruff issues, if any.

Apart from that take care of your diet. Refrain from eating oily and sweet food to avoid last minute breakouts. Have lots of fruits and fruit juices, specially pomegranate and carrot. It can do wonders for that glow you have been looking for. Just try any of these juices regularly for 15-20 days and you will see the difference. Sleep well and stress less.

Most important Stay happy and enjoy every moment of this beautiful time of your life.

Hope all of this helps. Let me know your skin care secrets in the comment box 🙂



P.S- I am not trying to demean anyone who prefers to go to beauty salons nor am I trying to defame beauty salons. I am not suggesting in anyway that beauty salon methods are unreliable or bad. Everything mentioned above is my personal opinion and my personal choice.


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