Make up revolution awesome metals foil eyeshadow – Review+EOTD

Makeup revolution has been taking makeup lovers by storm for quite some time now. The quality of most of their products does not match their prices. They are so CHEAP for the quality they offer that I am almost tempted to buy everything from the collection. They are perfect for a beginner like me. I have tried some of their products but it will be too early for me to say that all of their products are great. I have already reviewed one of their best selling product here and today I am doing a review for their  latest Awesome Metals Eye Foils Rose Gold eye shadow.


About the product

Awesome Metals Eye Foils is an amazing foil finish eye shadow range by makeup revolution. I am not very sure but I think it’s a dupe of stila foil eye shadows (seems like makeup revolution is duping a lot of brands). I haven’t used stila foil shadows but the word has been around that makeup revolution is not only way cheaper but also better. It comes in five shades Black Diamond, Rose Gold, Emerald Goddess, Pure Platinum, Magnificent Copper. I am reviewing Rose gold.



Texture– I am finding it a little difficult to describe its texture. It’s not creamy not matte it’s kind of like foil? I don’t know. I really like its finishing, it  is  not sparkly but shiny and feels very smooth when you touch it. Its very high pigmentation gives really great metallic finishing. I have been looking for this kind of finishing for quite some time and I am glad that I finally found it. It does not feel dry or hard on the yes and is very easy to remove with your regular makeup remover.



The colour is not exactly rosy gold. It’s simply gold or may be you can say it’s a little pale gold.

The product will not fall out on its own but you need to take care of that finger you used to apply the product or else it will work like magic and will turn everything shimmery ;).

Packaging- It comes in a beautiful small silver box. A liquid eye primer and a mixing tray is included in the package. Primer is water consistency and mixes really well with the eye shadow.


Usage- This one is not your ‘rub your brush in and put on’ eye shadow. You have to put in little efforts before you can enjoy its beautiful effect. Your hint lies in the packaging, they have given you a mixing tray and that can’t be easy right? It is not difficult either but it will take two or three practice sessions to get used to it. Took me three :). The primer acts like a binding and fixing agent. I tried to apply the product directly but it was a little patchy on my eyes  so I guess primer is kind of essential for the right results.

How to use:

Step 1- Take a drop of the primer in the mixing tray.

Step 2- Pick up some (less than a pinch) eye shadow on your finger tip and mix it well with the primer.

Step 3- Apply on your eye lids in dabbing or gliding motion.

Do not touch your eye lids once you feel that eye shadow has set in because the product will stick back to your finger. I know it sounds a little complicated but trust me it really isn’t.



Affordability- I got this in Malaysia and it was double the UK price but I was bummed to find that it is available for almost the original price in India. It is retailing at 4 pounds in UK and is selling for 50 % discount in India. Rs 495 is a little bit more than I would like to pay for a single colour eye shadow but I think it is a pretty good deal considering it’s an imported product. I am not sure about availability of all the colours in Indian market.


  • High pigmentation
  • Results
  • Price (original price of 4 pounds)
  • 5 beautiful colour option
  • Easy to remove


  • The process (it’s not hard but wish it was a ready to use formula)
  • Availability


I have tried to create bright gold eyes here using the metal foil shadow in shade rose gold.  I have used minimum products for face and have concentrated only on eyes. It might not be very clear in the pictures as I am still learning to click self portraits but the result I got was bright gold eyes with really smooth finishing I loved it so much that I decided to wear it for Pizza night out. I know, I know it was a little too much for a pizza night but who cares? 🙂



Products used


  • Makeup revolution awesome metal foil eye shadow
  • Make up revolution iconic 3 palette shade 3 and 7
  • Maybelline hyper glossy eye liner in black (which I will be reviewing soon).
  • M.A.C mascara

Face and Lips

  • Garnier skin perfecter BB cream
  • Chambor compact in shade 101
  • Chambor lipstick in shade orange blush




eyes were looking brighter than this in person. I am still learning to click self portraits so please excuse my photography 🙂

Price : Rs 495 after 50% discount (Almost UK price which is around Rs 400).

shimmerdiaries rating: 4/5

Recommendation: Would buy at least one more colour but at discounted price only.

Let me know what you think of the review and the look.



P.S- Please contact me personally on my Fb page (inbox) or here if you want to know where to buy this product from. I cannot really mention the websites here as I am not yet authorized to do so.


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