Bobbi brown dual ended mascara

Let’s review a Mascara today,

The Bobbi Brown dual ended mascara as the name suggests is two products in one. Both ends delivering exactly what they promise to. Each end is good on its own and will give different results. One being perfect for daytime look and the other for evening look. Use them both and you got yourself bold and dramatic lashes.

About the product

The mascara is dual ended. Lash glamour extreme lengthening mascara at one end and Everyday mascara  on the other end. The lengthening is ideal for the days when you want long, defined and natural looking eyelashes. It adds definition to your lashes without making them heavy. Perfect for day time look. Everything mascara end is ideal for adding volume to your evening look. The formula is thick and gives shiny finishing.


Texture– Formula at both ends is same and waterproof. The texture might seem different for both ends because of brushes. Lengthening side picks up hardly any product so that it can provide fine finishing. Everything mascara side picks up a good amount of product to
provide volume. For lengthening  I put on at least 2-3 coats to get that uplifted look and for volume I put according to the need, two coats are generally enough but I sometimes apply 3-4 for bold and heavier looking lashes.

Brushes– Brushes play a big role in how your mascara will perform. The lengthening side is super fine. It grabs minimal product so that it can lift and lengthen each and every hair without making them heavy. Everything mascara end brush could have been a little better. It accumulates a bit of product at the tip and therefore gets the product on lids sometimes. It works just fine on overall basis.


Lash glamour extreme lengthening brush



Everything Mascara

Longevity– I have worn this mascara for all day long and it has stood its ground. Touch up might be required if you are wearing it for more than 6 hours.

Affordability– This is where it ranks low on the list of must haves. It is pretty expensive. It cost me around  RS 1100 (17 USD) but that was in US. Currently it’s selling from 25-32 USD on certain US websites. At 17 USD it was a pretty good deal since  i actually getting two mascaras not one. Some websites in India are selling it for crazy prices probably because of low availability, so if you are interested in this one, I suggest you to call your friends in US to get it for you on their next visit to India or just buy them individually (not 2 in 1 form) from the Bobbi brown store in Delhi.


Price:  Rs 1500-2000 (25-32 USD)

shimmerdiaries rating: 7.5/10

RECOMMENDATION : The mascara loses on affordability otherwise it is a great product so go ahead if it suits your pocket. I would definitely purchase it again but only at US price.

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