Bye Bye chapped lips!

Winters are on full swing in India. This season brings a lot of happiness to me. The unlimited number of wedding parties to attend, holidays, boots and long coats, warm and cozy beds. Damn! I miss winters. Unfortunately, this beautiful season comes with its share of problems for your skin. For me, chapped lips tops the list of skin problems in winters.

Don’t you just hate it when you are unknowingly chewing on your lips to get the dead skin off them? Or when you want to apply your favorite lipstick but it looks chapped and flaky because of your torn skin on lips? It is a very common problem and a persistent one but still almost all of us forget to do something about it. Chap sticks and lip balms work fine but for some of us it is a temporary solution, may be 30 minutes and then you have to apply a thick layer of that balm again.

The best way to keep your lips smooth and soft is to keep them hydrated. Drink lots of water. Everybody knows that water is a miracle drink. Be it your skin, lips or overall health of your body water can do wonders but still we forget to apply this simple solution to our everyday routine. Keep your personal bottle of water (at least 1L) and make it a point to finish 2 to 3 bottles a day.

Another method that I swear by for my lip care is this excellent home-made exfoliant. It works perfectly to take off all the dead skin and is also an excellent lip polish alternative.

You will need

  • Brown sugar or regular if you do not have access to brown sugar. Make sure you are not using coarse sugar or else it might hurt your lips a little bit. You can take your regular coarse sugar and run it gently through your mortar and pestle twice or thrice to make it finer.


  • Honey


  • Lemon


  • Toothbrush or your finger can work too.

Take half a spoon of sugar and add 4-5 drops of honey and a single drop of lemon juice in it. Mix and rub it on your lips either with a soft bristle tooth brush or with your finger working in soft circular motions. After that apply your regular balm or jelly. I prefer a tooth brush over finger because it increases blood circulation to your lips and will in turn improve the overall health of lips. So use it at least twice a week if not daily. Use this method 2-3 times a week or daily if your lips are in very bad condition.

brown sugar. honey and lemon mix.

Brown sugar. honey and lemon mix. Do not let the mixture sit for too long. The sugar will dissolve and mixture will lose its graininess.

This is what the texture should look like. Thick and grainy.

This is what the texture should look like. Thick and grainy.

Would love to hear your lip care solution. Leave a comment in the box below.



A Thought

During winters or summers when we take out our clothes from storage boxes we come across some clothes that we used to love but forgot about them or grew out of them. I do not know if it happens with you all but I used to get re-attached to those clothes and would put them back thinking ‘Oh this used to be my favorite top, I will surely wear it again in summers’ or ‘I will lose weight and will get it back on” but it would never happen and I would forget about them again for another year. Lately I have made a rule- if you haven’t used it for a year or two you won’t use it again. So please be brave and donate your unused clothes to the under-privileged. You do not have to plan a visit to a charity organization just put that bag of old clothes in your car and hand them over on the next red light, that’s all.


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