The One with Red Lips- Casual

There are days when you shop because you have to but then there are other days when you plan your shopping day a week in advance. You call your friends to fix up a meeting, decide where you want go and then you wait for that day to come. Shopping is not a task for us. Guys just do not understand when we mention shopping as our hobby. My husband always says that how can shopping be a hobby? Isn’t it a task? Well it is, for him and most men I guess but not for us ladies 😉 .

There are days when I decide to go to my favorite mall without any shopping agenda in mind. Just for some fun time with friends or even alone sometimes and those are the days when I want to look chic. After all you do not want to go unnoticed in your favorite mall 🙂



This is the look I would wear on a shopping day out with friends. I like it because the time, effort and number of products  used is minimal but still the look is a bit glam. Just some peach eyes shadow, heavy dose of mascara, your favorite red lipstick and you are ready to rock!



I had no peach eye shadow shadow so eye used a lipstick instead. The results are not great but it held on for a while.


Products Used:

  • SPF 15 Moisturizer with just a drop of Foundation.
  • Maybelline eyebrow pencil in brown eyebrows and tight lining.
  • Chambor Lipstick in Orange blush for eye shadow.
  • M.A.C mascara.
  • Colorbar radiant glow highlighting pen for eyebrows.
  • M.A.C pedro lourenco lipstick in shade amplified ruby




Do you dress up for shopping? What’s your favorite shopping day look?

Share your thoughts in the comment box below.



Coming Soon! The one with Red Lips- Bold!









2 thoughts on “The One with Red Lips- Casual

  1. HI! Can you review some of the products that you have used in these LOTD. I am specially interested in the MAC and Bobby Brown products that you have used in this and previous LOTD.


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