The one with Red Lips- Evening

I don’t know what is the taboo attached with red lips in India. For some reason there is a sense of immorality attached to it. But why? I think its because we are taught that “good girls” aren’t suppose to wear makeup and specially bold makeup.

Well I disagree and so do many other beautiful ladies. Your makeup and your dress does not define your character. No we don’t do it (always) to impress guys, we do it because we want to look and feel beautiful for ourselves.

I love red lipsticks and I think it tops most makeup lovers’ favorite list and that’s because everyone just looks smashing in the bold and beautiful red lips 🙂

I am going to do 3 red lip look Evening, Casual and Bold



My first look is a simple one. Light Bronze  eyes with ruby red lips. I would wear this look for a dinner date or for an all girls night out with friends.


I have used only two shades of eye shadows for this look.


Products Used

  1. M.A.C studio fix fluid foundation in shade A33
  2. Chambor compact powder in shade 101.
  3. Bourjois gold bronzing powder for little definition on cheeks.
  4. Maybelline crayon liner-brown for eye brows.
  5. Makeup revolution Iconic 3 palette shade 1 and shade 6 for eyes (when counting from left to right).
  6. Essence kajal pencil in brown for eye liner.
  7. Bobbi brown Dual mascara.
  8. M.A.C pedro lourenco in shade Amplified ruby.
  9. Real technique core collection Make up brushes.

and only a single coat of lipstick




Whats your take on red lips?

Would you wear this look for your evening out with your friends?

Let me know your views in the comment box below.



Coming Soon! The one with the red lips- Casual


7 thoughts on “The one with Red Lips- Evening

  1. Congratulations on the launch of a all new venture. I have always thought highly of people who are bold and embark on path-breaking ventures. Best wishes. Stay enthusiastic and creative.

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